Benefits with Surface Milling Cutter YTF – 420

Occupational health and ergonomics

Safe and relieved working environment
Reduced noise and harmful dust compared to manual grinding and blasting
Reduces occupational injuries and repetitive stress injuries


Fast removal of tar
Faster installation and completion Shortened construction time
Sturdy and strong construction with durable carbide cutting wheels

Higher quality

More tar removed from the wall
Improves moisture migration through the wall
Smooth surface to surface to put the insulation on
Meets applicable requirements from insulation suppliers


  • Hydraulic rotary cutter plate with interchangeable rotary cutter wheels of cemented metal carbide.
  • The design provides a smooth milling against the worksurface.
  • Adjustable speed and rotational direction.
  • The attachment to the machine can be turned and moved into different positions.
  • Supplied with Quick-Release mod. S40, S45, S50 or S60.
  • Other fasteners can be ordered.
  • Swedish design with manufacturing and spareparts in warehouses in Sweden.
  • CE Marked
Size:425 mm diameter.
WeightAppr 70 kg.
Connection: 2 hoses with quick coupling type THEME 2510
Supply pressureFully galvanized with anti-corrosion treatment
Anslutningstryck: In continuous operation 175bar,Intermittent 200bar peak maximum 225 bar.
Max oil flow:Continuous 60 l/min. Intermittent 75 l/min.
Maximum speed600 r / min. Hydraulic proportional valve or similar valve needed for well and safe control.

Information about working methods for digging and milling of cellar walls

In order for the milling work to remove tar stock from the wall to be as smooth as possible, proceed as follows.

1. Dig up along the wall about 3 metres or as far as the machine reaches without moving.
2. Mount the YTF-420, start milling the wall with the machine standing alongside the wall.
3. Switch to the bucket. Move the machine back about 3 metres and dig up some more. Then repeat from 1.

NOTE! Do not dig up around the entire house at once. This with make the work with the mill more difficult.


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