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YTF Sweden makes an effort for a good cause.

We’ve been noticed by Entreprenadaktuellt (a Swedish publication) for our choice to donate the income from our 100th grind to the children's cancer fund here in Sweden. "After having spent hundreds of hours with hand tools to remove tar on household grounds, Tomas Elvendahl was tired of the heavy and laborious work. Five years ago, he invented a surface mill mounted on the excavator and at MaskinExpo this year, he celebrates his 100th in a very special way. Tomas Elvendahl has run his own business since 2007, with drainage of villas as a main activity. This means he often comes into contact with tar that has to be removed from the old bases.

"In the beginning I used hand tools, but it's very tiring for the body and working in that dust is not good for the health. In addition, it takes a long time. I began to figure out how to solve the problem, without leaving the machine, he says. In 2012 he had the first cutter ready for mounting in an tiltrotator which was controlled by the machine's extra hydraulics.

“I built a tool of components from, among other things, my hand tools and from a floor grinder," Tomas Elvendahl continues. A former colleague at a repair shop in Falun, with access to lathes and mills, helped with the construction, and from day one it turned out that the product worked well for what it was intended for. "I've just made some minor adjustments, basically, it's the same tool as from the beginning," says Tomas Elvendahl. The mills are built in his own workshop adjacent to the residence in Falun and are being sold under the brand YTF ... "

Benefits with Surface Milling Cutter YTF – 420

Occupational health and ergonomics

Safe and relieved working environment Reduced noise and harmful dust compared to manual grinding and blasting Reduces occupational injuries and repetitive stress injuries


Fast removal of tar
Faster installation and completion Shortened construction time
Sturdy and strong construction with durable carbide cutting wheels

Higher quality

More tar removed from the wall
Improves moisture migration through the wall
Smooth surface to surface to put the insulation on Meets applicable requirements from insulation suppliers